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ТПУ. ИДЗ по английскому языку №1 и №2

Краткое содержание работы
вариант 4

Задание / Часть работы

Задания для сверки

Индивидуальное домашнее задание №1 (вариант 4)


1. Read the text and decide whether these statements are true or false.

1) The US government makes full use of economic tools.

2) The president takes all the necessary initiatives to ensure the growth and

stability of the United States.

3) The  recession  the  USA  economy  is  due  to  large  spending  on  national

defense programs.

4) American consumers are greatly dependent on national debt.

5) The USA has lost their leading role in the world economy because of the

rapid  growth  of the  economies  of  such countries as Brazil, Russia,  India

and China.

6) The national debt of the USA is as large as the one of Japan.

 The US Economy

1. The United States of America has the world's largest economy. 2007

GDP is believed to be three times the size of the next largest economy, Japan.

US  dominance  has  been  eroded  by  the  creation  of  the  European  Union

common  market  and  by  the  rapid  growth  of  the  BRIC  economies,  in

particular China.

2. The recent failure in the US housing and credit markets has resulted

in a slowdown in the US economy. The forces of supply and demand directly

drive the price levels of goods and services. What to produce, and how much

of it is to be produced depends on the price level fixed by the interaction of

supply and demand.

3. The role of government in the US economy is very important when it

comes  to  decision-making  in  monetary  and  fiscal  policies.  The  federal

government  takes  all  the  necessary  initiatives  to  ensure  the  growth  and

stability  of  the  United  States.  The  US  government  makes  full  use  of

economic tools such as money supply, tax rates, and credit control to adjust

the rate of economic growth. The US Federal Government also regulates the

operations of private business concerns in order to prevent monopolies. The

government provides support for national defense, monetary aid for research

and  development  programs,  funds  for  highway  construction  and

infrastructure in general.

 4.  The  question  of  national  debt  is  a  controversial  one  within  the  US.

American consumers are also increasingly dependent on debt and have been

re-mortgaging their houses to higher loan amounts, and using the extra cash

to  fund  shopping.  This  debt  figure  is  the  largest  in  the  world  in  absolute

terms, but as a percentage of GDP it is less than Japan and similar to several

European  countries.  Most  of  the  debt  is  funded  by  central  banks  and

sovereign wealth funds from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Индивидуальное домашнее задание 2 (4 вариант)

Unit 2



In manufacturing,  productivitymeans the  amount  ofgoods produced

inrelation  tothe work, time and money needed  toproduce them. There are

many  ways  for  companies  to  improve  productivity:  by installing  new

equipment  with  more  up-to-date  technology,  for  example.  Many

manufacturers and suppliers have a system  of  just-in-time delivery, which

reduces  the  cost  of carrying  large  quantities  of  stock.  More  generally,

productivity  means  doing  something  efficiently:  not  wasting  time  and



1. Describe some of your favourite products. Why do you like them? What

do they say about you? Which of these products could you not do without?

2. What product would you most like to own? Why?

3.  Do  you  agree  or  disagree  with  these  statements?  Give  reasons  for  your


* Using animals to test new products is wrong.

* Multinational  companies  which  manufacture  products  in  developing

countries help the world economy.

* Companies spend far too much on launching and promoting new products.


Выполнены все задания, ЗАЧЕТ!!!

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