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Краткое содержание работы
Тест по предмету «Английский язык».

Задание / Часть работы

Тест по предмету «Английский язык».
Общее количество вопросов: 195

1. ... are watching TV. (insert the right pronoun)
2. ... cat is not at home. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
3. ... don't live in Moscow anymore. (insert the right pronoun)
4. ... don't want to go home. (insert the right pronoun)
5. ... has no time for reading. (insert the right pronoun)
6. ... have a lot of problems. (insert the right pronoun)
7. ... is famous for Hollywood.
8. ... is having a rest in her room. (insert the right pronoun)
9. ... is reading a very interesting book. (insert the right pronoun)
10. ... is the largest island in Europe.
11. ... like this idea very much. (insert the right pronoun)
12. ... parents are in the garden. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
13. ... sister is not very interested in literature. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
14. ... want to go to the cinema tonight. (insert the right pronoun)
15. Кому ты собираешься call about this problem? (translate the underlined part)
16. Кто собирается to a business trip this month? (translate the underlined part)
17. Кто собирается visit them at the weekend? (translate the underlined part)
18. Почему они собираются come back? (translate the underlined part)
19. Собираешься ли ты finish this work tonight? (translate the underlined part)
20. Собираешься ли ты visit your parents on Monday? (translate the underlined part)
21. Собираются ли они to the party tonight? (translate the underlined part)
22. Ты собираешься come late in the evening? (translate the underlined part)
23. Ты собираешься the shop right now? (translate the underlined part)
24. Что ты собираешься give your friend as a present? (translate the underlined part)
25. As agreed
26. Can you give me ... pen? (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
27. Canada is bordered by three oceans.
28. Don't put all your ... in one basket. (пословица. Русский аналог: He клади всех яиц в одну корзину
(т. е. не рискуй всем, что у тебя есть))
29. Give this book to ... (insert the right pronoun)
30. Harvard University, which celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, is ... institution of higher learning in
the United States.
31. Have an impact on
32. He (to sing) a song. (make a sentence in present continuous)
33. He has to go to the dentist. (make a question)
34. He has to read it aloud. (make a negative sentence)
35. He is going to find a new job. (make a negative sentence)
36. Her brother (to do) his homework. (make a sentence in present continuous)
37. I ... at home at the weekend. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
38. I ... at home on Sundays. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
39. I ... from Moscow. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
40. I ... very happy to be here with you. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
41. I (to write) a letter to my friend. (make a sentence in present continuous)
42. I am a worker. ... name is Andrey. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
43. I have a lot of free time. (make a negative sentence)
44. I have to leave early in the morning. (make a negative sentence)
45. I have to stop him. (make a question)
46. I have to translate this article right now. (make negative sentence)
47. I have to work late tonight. (make a question)
48. I like playing football. (make a negative sentence)
49. I see my parents very often. (make a negative sentence)
50. I think ... work too much. (insert the right pronoun)
51. I think she to read this book. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
52. I think the dog to come back. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
53. I think they to translate this article. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
54. I think yo to be late. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
55. I think your friends to read everything about the accident. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее
56. I wish my friend wouldn’t drive so fast. (find the Russian equivalent.)
57. I'm going to start this project in June. (make a negative sentence)
58. I'm sure he to be sorry about it. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
59. I'm sure I to find it. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
60. I'm sure they to bring it. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
61. I'm sure they to come. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
62. I'm sure they to do it. (поставьте подчеркнутый глагол в будущее время)
63. In winter my parents go to the country at the weekends. (make a negative sentence)
64. Is ... father a good teacher? (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
65. Is it ... pencil? (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
66. It ... so cold outside! (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
67. It has to be done. (make a negative sentence)
68. Most of northern Canada has subarctic or arctic ... , with long cold winters.
69. My brother and his wife get on very well. (make a negative sentence)
70. My brother and I spend all weekends together. (make a negative sentence)
71. My brother has a family of his own. (make a negative sentence)
72. My brother lives in Moscow and my parents live in a village. (make a negative sentence)
73. My brothers ... interested in music. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
74. My father (to read) a book now. (make a sentence in present continuous)
75. My father and his friends play football every Saturday. (make a negative sentence)
76. My friend works abroad. (make a negative sentence)
77. My friends ... good football players. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
78. My friends ... very good students. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
79. My friends (to listen) to music now. (make a sentence in present continuous)
80. My friends are going to organize a party. (make a negative sentence)
81. My mother ... at home. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
82. My mother (to have) a rest in her room now. (make a sentence in present continuous)
83. My mother works on Sundays. (make a negative sentence)
84. My sister ... at home right now. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
85. My sister is going to become a musician. (make a negative sentence)
86. My sisters ... interested in music. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
87. My sisters go to see their friends every evening. (make a negative sentence)
88. My teacher always gives me good marks. (make a negative sentence)
89. Profession (Choose the correct definition)
90. Scotland and Ireland have their own languages, but these are rarely spoken and English is known by
everyone there.
91. She ... very happy. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
92. She (to write) a test now. (make a sentence in present continuous)
93. She has a lot of books. (make a negative sentence)
94. She has to come back soon. (make a negative sentence)
95. She has to print this text. (make a negative sentence)
96. She has to start this project tomorrow. (make a question)
97. She speaks two foreign languages. (make a negative sentence)
98. Something (as coins, treasury notes, and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange
(Choose the correct word for the definition).
99. The British legal ... over Canada ended in 1982.
100. The children ... at home. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
101. The dog ... in the garden. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
102. The dog (to look) at me. (make a sentence in present continuous)
103. The play ... very good. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
104. The price you pay to travel somewhere by bus, train, plane etc. (Choose the correct word for the
definition )
105. The United Kingdom is washed by the the North Sea on ... (восток).
106. The United States of America lies in the central part of the South American Continent.
107. There are two official languages in Canada.
108. These articles ... very interesting. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
109. They (to look) out of the window. (make a sentence in present continuous)
110. They are ... good friends. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
111. They have to hurry. (make a question)
112. They have to meet him on Monday. (make a question)
113. They have to see her in the morning. (make a negative sentence)
114. They like their new teacher. (make a negative sentence)
115. They sleep well at night. (make a negative sentence)
116. They want to have a rest. (make a negative sentence)
117. This book ... very expensive. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
118. This book ... very interesting. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
119. This boy is ... brother.
120. This girl is ... friend. (вставьте притяжательное местоимение)
121. to lend support (find the Russian equivalent)
122. Training (find the Russian equivalent)
123. We ... good students. (insert the verb to be in the correct form)
124. We are going to buy a new car. (make a negative sentence)
125. We are going to have a cup of tea right now. (make a negative sentence)
126. We go to the cinema every day. (make a negative sentence)
127. We have to leave right now. (make a negative sentence)
128. We have to send this letter now. (make a negative sentence)
129. We have to spend more time together. (make a question)
130. We have to visit this exhibition. (make a question)
131. We live near each other. (make a negative sentence)
132. What does the American word "brunch” mean?
133. Which book your sister (to read) every evening? (Choose: Present Simple or Present Continuous)
134. You have to do it. (make a question)
135. You have to go there. (make a negative sentence)
136. You have to go to bed early. (make a question)
137. В Интернете есть много интересных игр. (choose the right translation)
138. В Интернете много новых сайтов. (choose the right translation)
139. В комнате душно. (choose the right translation)
140. В комнате много свежего воздуха. (choose the right translation)
141. В моей комнате много растений. (choose the right translation)
142. В Москве много новых кинотеатров? (choose the right translation)
143. В наших группах нет новых студентов. (choose the right translation)
144. В старом офисе нет кондиционера. (choose the right translation)
145. В старых домах нет центрального отопления. (choose the right translation)
146. В твоей комнате есть какие-нибудь растения? (choose the right translation)
147. В твоей статье нет необходимых фактов. (choose the right translation)
148. В той библиотеке нет интересных книг. (choose the right translation)
149. В этих квартирах нет балконов. (choose the right translation)
150. В этой деревне много новых домов. (choose the right translation)
151. В этой книге нет картинок. (choose the right translation)
152. В этой комнате нет стульев. (choose the right translation)
153. В этой статье нет полезной информации. (choose the right translation)
154. В этом году в лесу много грибов. (choose the right translation)
155. В этом городе есть старые здания? (choose the right translation)
156. В этом городе много старых зданий. (choose the right translation)
157. В этом городе нет гостиницы. (choose the right translation)
158. В этом журнале очень много новых статей об искусстве. (choose the right translation)
159. В этом тексте очень много незнакомых слов. (choose the right translation)
160. В этом учебнике много смешных историй. (choose the right translation)
161. Где мои очки? Я не могу их найти. (translate into English)
162. Где ножницы? Они мне нужны. (translate into English)
163. Где она живет? (translate into English)
164. Где ты живешь? (translate into English)
165. Где ты работаешь? (translate into English)
166. Его бабушки - очень милые женщины. (translate into English)
167. Есть ли дикие животные в этом лесу? (choose the right translation)
168. Есть ли интересные книги в этом магазине? (choose the right translation)
169. Есть ли сахар в чае? (choose the right translation)
170. Есть ли хорошие статьи в этом журнале? (choose the right translation)
171. Есть ли хорошие учебники в библиотеке? (choose the right translation)
172. Кем работают твои родители? (translate into English)
173. Кем ты работаешь? (translate into English)
174. Кто эти мужчины? Я их не знаю. (translate into English)
175. Куда ты обычно ходишь вечером? (translate into English)
176. Люди в этом городе очень дружелюбны. (translate into English)
177. Мне нужна информация о гостиницах в Москве. (choose the right translation)
178. Много ли новых слов в этом тексте? (choose the right translation)
179. Не хотите ли кофе? (choose the right translation)
180. Не хотите ли чая? (choose the right translation)
181. Новости не очень хорошие. (choose the right translation)
182. Она собирается купить немного хлеба. (choose the right translation)
183. Полиция здесь! Откройте дверь! (translate into English)
184. Сколько у них детей? (translate into English)
185. Тебе нравится эта книга? (translate into English)
186. Ты любишь футбол? (translate into English)
187. Ты не мог бы передать мне соль, пожалуйста? (choose the right translation)
188. У нее очень длинные волосы. (choose the right translation)
189. У них есть очень красивая мебель в доме. (choose the right translation)
190. У тебя есть какие-нибудь словари? (translate into English)
191. Хочешь сыра? (choose the right translation)
192. Что твоя сестра читает по вечерам? (translate into English)
193. Что ты видишь? (translate into English)
194. Эти джинсы мне не подходят. (translate into English)
195. Эти ножи не очень острые. (translate into English)
Тип работы: Тест

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