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Английский часть 2

Краткое содержание работы
1. Найдите в текстах уроков 7,8,9 пять предложений с группой времен Perfect и пять предложений с группой Perfect Continuous. Выпишите и переведите их. Text 7. Moscow Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. The city is a major political, econom...

Задание / Часть работы

1. Найдите в текстах уроков 7,8,9 пять предложений с группой времен Perfect и пять предложений с группой Perfect Continuous. Выпишите и переведите их.

Text 7. Moscow
Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. The city is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific centre in Russia and in Europe. Moscow is the largest city in Europe, and the 5th largest city in the world. It is also the largest city in Russia. Its population is over 11 million people. According to the 2010 Census, 11,503,501 people live in Moscow….
Text 8. Moscow State University
There are about 1700 schools in Moscow, together with more than 90 colleges. More than 140 institutions of higher education train students in Moscow. The largest of them are 105 state universities. Most of them have been teaching students since 1930s. It was the time of rapid industrialization, the heroic age in the history of our country, the base for the future great victory in the most terrible war of the last century. Rapid growth of industries required a great number of specialists, engineers, designers. Many well-known scientists were students of those institutes at that time. By 1940s the USSR had become the third largest economy in the world, after the USA and Germany. Since that time our industry has been producing many systems of weapons and civil machinery…..

Text 9. The British System of Education
State Education in Britain.
All state schools in Britain are free, and schools provide their pupils with books for their studies. Education is compulsory from 5 to 16 years. Parents can choose to send their children to a nursery school or a pre-school play group to prepare them for the start of compulsory education. Children start primary school at 5 and continue until they are 11. At primary school children have to study Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. They may develop their creative abilities. They sing, dance, play, draw. Primary children do all their work with the same class teacher, except for physical education and music, which are often taught by specialists…

2. Переведите на русский язык текст. Выбор варианта текста осуществляется в соответствии с первой буквой Вашей фамилии:

А – К - Текст 1
Л – Т - Текст 2
У – Я - Текст 3

Текст 1
History of the British Isles
Around 3000 years BC many parts of Europe including the British Isles, were inhabited by a people called the Iberians.
Some of their descendants are still found in the North of Spain (the Iberia Peninsula). We don't know much about these early people. We can learn something from there skeletons, their weapons. The Iberians used stone weapons and tools. During the period from the 6th to the 3rd century BC, a people called Celts, spread across Europe from the East to the West.
During the Iron Age the Celtic tribes invaded Britain. Celtic tribes called the Picts and the Scots inhabited the north of the country. The Britons a powerful Celtic tribe held most of the country and gave the name to the islands and to the country later. The Iberians were weak to fight back the attacks of Celts who had metal weapons. Most of the Iberians were killed. Many of them were driven into the mountains or mixed with the Celts. The Celts didn't write down any events. The Greeks were the first to mention the British Isles.
In the 1st century BC when the Romans came to Britain the Celts lived in tribes and obeyed chiefs. They had no towns. They cultivated crops, wore woolen clothes, kept large herds of cattle and sheep. So they lived under the primitive system.
Nowadays the descendants of Celts live on the territory of the British Isles. The Welsh, who live in Wales care of their Celtic origin. They speak Welsh. It is a Celtic language.

3.    Найдите в текстах уроков 10,11,12 десять предложений в страдательном залоге (Passive Voice). Выпишите и переведите их.

Text 10. The English Language
English is a Germanic Language of the Indo-European Family. This broad family includes most of the European languages spoken today. The Indo-European family includes several major branches: Latin and the modern Romance languages (French etc.); the Germanic languages (English, German, Swedish etc.); the Indo-Iranian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit etc.); the Slavic languages (Russian, Polish, Czech etc.); the Baltic languages of Latvian and Lithuanian; the Celtic languages (Welsh, Irish Gaelic etc.); Greek….
Text 11. History of Moscow
Part I
The first reference to Moscow dates from 1147 as a meeting place of Yuri Dolgorukiy and Sviatoslav Olgovich. At the time it was a minor town on the western border of Vladimir-Suzdal Principality….
Text 12. History of Moscow
Part II
Peter the Great wanted to modernise Russia. He always despised Moscow for its scheming boyars and archaic traditions. In 1712, he startled the country, by announcing the relocation of the capital to a swampland in the northwest. St.Petersburg became the main city of the Empire. The spurned ex-capital fell into decline. Later an outbreak of bubonic plague followed….

4.    Напишите небольшой рассказ (200-250 слов) на английском языке по одной из следующих тем, изученных в третьем и четвертом разделах. Выбор темы осуществляется в соответствии с первой буквой Вашей фамилии

Темы эссе:
1.    Мои любимые места в Москве.  (My favourite places in Moscow)

Тип работы: Контрольная работа

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