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Краткое содержание работы

Задание / Часть работы


Subject task 1 (Ситуационная задача 1)
Переведите данные предложения на английский язык, используя официальные выражения:
1. С сожалением сообщаю…
2. Я надеюсь, что наше сотрудничество будет успешным.
3. Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, если Вам потребуется помощь.
4. Я был бы Вам очень благодарен, если бы Вы позволили мне посетить Вашу фирму.
5. Благодарю за Ваше любезное приглашение, но я не могу посетить Вашу фирму из-за большой занятости по работе.

Subject task 2(Ситуационная задача 2)
Дополнить текст словами: bald , beard , blue , casually , early , ears , fair , glasses , good-looking , heavily , look, narrow , serious , smile , straight , strоng , thin.

1.I´m in my........fifties.
2.I´m very tall and quite.............. built , but I have rather ......... shoulders.
3.I´m a little overweight.
4.I have ........... medium-length .............. hair , but I´m going ............, so there isn´t a lot of it left.
5.I have a gray ............ and moustache.
6.My eyes are ..........., and I wear ............... .
7.I´ve got a rather long face, with a ........... chin , a big nose and a big ............ .
8.I have ......... lips , and I usually have a ...........expression; but my face changes a lot when I ........ .
9.I have a high forehead; I like to think that it looks intelligent.
10.Clothes are not very important to me , and I´m usually very ......... dressed .
11.I don´t think I´m very ..........., but I´m not all that bad-looking either .
12.I probably .............. a bit younger than I am.

Subject task 3 (Cитуационная задача 3).
Вам нужно спросить дорогу. Прочитайте и запомните выражения:

Excuse me,can you tell me the way to ...... ?
could you tell me the way to ..... , please ?
will you show me the way to...... , please ?
would you show me the way to ... , please ?
how can / do I get to .... ?
where´s the nearest... ?

Составьте пять коротких диалогов, используя слова и полезные выражения из колонок А и В.
post – officego straight on / ahead
stadiumturn right at the corner
concert hallturn left at the crossroad
art galleryturn the corner and go along
supermarketcross the street and take the bus
exhibitionwalk up to the traffic lights
town halltake the first turn to the left
local markettake the right fork in the road

Subject task 4 (Ситуационная задача 4)

Восстановите свой словарный запас. К каждому слову подберите противоположное по смыслу слово (антоним). Запишите попарно слово и его антоним.

Agree, always, awake, beginning, buy, cheap, dark, dead, dirty, early, easy, empty, fast, female, find, first., generous, happy, heavy, high, honest, hot, indoors, intelligent, interesting, into, laugh, left, long, love, most, new, nice, north-east, optimistic, outside, pull, question, quiet, remember, safe, stop, strong, take off, tall, thin, top, true, up, upstairs, warm, wet, win, wrong, young.

Subject task 5 (Cитуационная задача 5)

Прочитайте анкету, которую Вам предстоит заполнить в агенстве по трудоустройству. Переведите вопросы. В каждом разделе добавьте еще 1-2 вопроса.

Are you:interested in people ?
energetic ?
ambitious ?


Have you got :a good memory?
a sense of humor?

Are you:artistic ?
practical ?
logical ?

Can you:?
speak any foreign languages?


Do you like:working on your own ?
taking responsibility?
Do you mind: working long hours?
getting up early?

Would you rather: work indoors or outdoors?
work in a big organization or a small one ?

How important are these things to you?
(extremely / very / quite / not very / not at all)
a good salary
comfortable working conditions
a chance of promotion

Subject task 6 (Cитуационная задача 6).
Используя новые слова и выражения, переведите на русский язык следующие предложения:
1. We wish to emphasize that we are holding you fully responsible for non-delivery of the cargo in questions.
2. Due to bad storage 10% of the cartons were damaged and in a very bad shape.
3. To repair the described damage the following cost has been calculated.
4. We refer for several tons of… which appear to have been included in the shipment in error.
5. This is the third time this mistake has occurred and we are far from being satisfied with the service you offer.

Subject task 7. (Ситуационная задача 7).
Используя новые слова и выражения, переведите предложения, связанные с подготовкой и подписанием контрактов:
1. With reference to our Order (Contract No 589/79) of 30th July…
2. We trust that the delayed delivery of one part of the contract will not interrupt the harmonious business relationship that we have built up between our companies.
3. The initial contract will be for one year, subject to renewal by mutual agreement.
4. All disputes will be settled with reference to Japanese law, as our relative legal systems are different.
5. We are prepared to do business with you either on a consignment basis or by placing firm orders.

Subject task 8 (Cитуационная задача 8).
Получить нужную информацию, задать вежливо вопрос можно по-разному.
You don’t know a caller’s name. (give)
Could you give me your name, please?
You aren’t sure of the name of the caller’s company. (repeat)
Would you repeat your company’s name, please?
You want to know where the caller is ringing from (tell)
Can you tell where you’re ringing from, please?
А теперь задайте вопросы, используя could, would и can подобным образом.
1. You aren’t sure who the caller wants to speak to (tell)
2. You want to know the caller’s telephone number. (give)
3. You didn’t hear the caller’s address clearly. (repeat)
4. You aren’t sure of your order’s delivery date. (confirm)

Subject task 9 (Ситуационная задача 9).
Используя новые слова, переведите на русский язык следующие предложения:
1. You can count on a brisk turnover if prices are competitive and deliveries prompt.
2. We have seen your advertisement in last Sunday’s Observer and would be grateful if you would let us have details of…
3. We would be glad to receive specifications of your new items, together with your current export price list and details of trade discounts.
4. If we place orders with you we shall have to insist on prompt delivery. Can you guarantee delivery within three weeks from receiving orders?
5. We would appreciate a sample of each of the items listed above.
6. Provided you can guarantee regular supplies and promise delivery within a fortnight from receiving our orders, we should have no trouble in marketing your products here.

Subject task 10 (Ситуационная задача 10).
Выбрать пропущенное слово: account, bill, catalogue, freight, quote, pay, place и вставить в предложение
по смыслу.
1. We’ve checked your quotation and we’d like to … an order now.
2. Can you … the item number from the …, please?
3. Are you planning to… by cheque, or do you have a monthly ???
4. Yes, we’ll enclose the … with the goods.
5. If you like, we can send them by air … .
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