Тестовые вопросы. Предмет: Английский язык. 43 вопроса


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Тестовые вопросы. Предмет: Английский язык. 43 вопроса

Краткое содержание работы
Тестовые вопросы. Предмет: Английский язык. 43 вопроса

Задание / Часть работы

Тестовые вопросы. Предмет: Английский язык. 43 вопроса

1. Дополните предложениe: When the owner of a one-person firm fails, it means that he …
a) is fired
b) gets into business
c) goes out of business
d) breaks away

2. Дополните предложениe: For anyone who has some trade it is easier to … entrepreneur
a) turn into
b) turn down
c) set up
d) see about

3. Дополните предложениe: When the government lowers taxes it …
a) respects flourishing business
b) runs some promising business
c) encourages business
d) holds back business

4. Дополните предложениe: He earns very little. So he can hardly …
a) afford to work
b) work by himself
c) make both ends meet
d) turn around

5. Дополните предложениe: Jake wants to have a business of his own. He is going …
a) to have some trade
b) to work for someone else
c) to set up a firm
d) to keep down business

6. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие данному выражению: Knowledge and skills which you acquire during all your life
a) experience
b) education
c) school background
d) upbringing

7. Вставьте подходящие предлоги: An entrepreneur takes … responsibility … other people
a) for … on
b) on … for
c) on … to
d) in ... about

8. Дополните предложение: They offered her the job, but she … an opportunity
a) turned down
b) set up
c) turned into
d) took over

9. Traditionally, America’s fast-food companies have hired teenagers. While teenagers provide cheap labor, they are sometimes unreliable. Consequently, fast-food companies often use another source of cheap labor – the elderly. Older people are less likely to skip a day work or quit without giving a notice, but because they have not been brought up with computers, they view the high-tech fast-food counter with terror. Training centers have opened in order to teach "mature workers” how to operate computerized cash registers. These students are put into classrooms with their peers and, since mental arithmetic is a thing of the past, are taught how to use a calculator.
The phrase "These students” in the passage refers to
a) teenagers
b) fast-food employers
c) the elderly
d) peers

10. Дополните предложение: The economy is booming and small businesses …
a) are flourishing
b) are going broke
c) are making both ends meet
d) are wearing off

11. Дополните предложение: A 10p rise in cigarette prices is not enough … smokers to stop
a) to encourage
b) to borrow
c) to expand
d) to make for

12. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: Overseas students … campus accommodation
a) are provided with
b) are provided for
c) is guaranteed
d) are called for

13. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: Usually four students … a flat in the hostel
a) live
b) accommodate
c) share
d) occupy

14. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: Part-time students … for one day a week
a) released from work
b) are released from work
c) get partial support
d) get around to work

15. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением:In their final year undergraduates are obliged to undertake …
a) pre-employment experience
b) non-credit program
c) post-graduate course
d) special courses

16. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: An American Style credit … system will be soon introduced at our institute
a) accommodation
b) accumulation
c) application
d) distribution

17. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: Working hard throughout the course of studies students … knowledge and prepare themselves for their final exam
a) assess
b) apply
c) accumulate
d) receive

18. Дополните предложение подходящим словом или выражением: Continuous assessment of knowledge … students to work hard not only for their written exams
a) encourages
b) requires
c) supports
d) reduces

19. Заполните пропуск соответствующим предлогом: Full-time students in the UK get a grant and apply … some loan
a) for
b) from
c) to
d) about

20. Differences in the way men and women process language is of special interest to brain researches. It has been known that aphasia – a kind of a speech disorder – is more common in men than in women when left side of the brain is damaged in an accident or after a stroke. However, women are more likely than men to suffer aphasia when the front part of the brain is damaged. This clearly indicates that the brains of men and women are organized differently in the way they process speech.
The word "they” in the passage refers to
a) men
b) women
c) brains
d) researches

21. Заполните пропуск соответствующим предлогом: Passes … 5 subjects in GCE are enough to get you to this University
a) for
b) in
c) on
d) about

22. Заполните пропуск соответствующим предлогом: What are the requirements for admission … this institute?
a) for
b) in
c) to
d) of

23. Заполните пропуск соответствующим предлогом:Studies … correspondence usually take longer
a) for
b) by
c) to
d) at

24. Заполните пропуск соответствующим предлогом: What does the amount of grant depend … ?
a) for
b) from
c) on
d) in

25. Верно ли данное высказывание: Only first-year students are provided with on-campus accommodation in the UK
a) да
b) нет
c) частично верно
d) зависит от успеваемости

26. Верно ли данное высказывание: Each flat in a hostel may accommodate only one student in the UK
a) да
b) нет
c) зависит от доходов
d) зависит от ВУЗа

27. Верно ли данное высказывание: In the final year all students with unsatisfactory marks have to undertake pre-employment experience
a) да
b) нет
c) частично верно
d) зависит от специальности

28. Верно ли данное высказывание: A student who completed the 3d course of the university in the UK is called a Bachelor
a) да
b) нет
c) зависит от возраста
d) зависит от ВУЗа

29. Верно ли данное высказывание: The head of the University in the UK is Rector
a) да
b) нет
c) не всегда
d) иногда

30. Дополните предложение. A person becomes unemployed when he …
a) is laid off
b) retires
c) looks for a job
d) breaks off

31. Дополните предложение: Their services are free. It means that …
a) they charge nothing for their services
b) they don’t have to pay for their services
c) they don’t require an advance payment
d) they pay no taxes

32. Дополните предложение. When you start your business you need to have your own clients and establish …
a) temporary enterprise
b) an operating firm
c) business connections
d) a Board

33. Дополните предложение. "A decline in business activity” means …
a) unemployment
b) recession
c) expansion of production
d) advance

34. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие выделенному слову (из предлагаемых вариантов). Some employment agencies require a deposit, and you have to pay up THE REMAINDER after you get the job
a) the advance payment
b) the deposit
c) the rest
d) the tax

35. Вставьте пропущенный предлог. Funds are spent … manufacture of goods and this accelerates economic growth
a) on
b) of
c) to
d) in

36. Вставьте пропущенный предлог. … time … time you receive invitations to visit exhibitions
a) Between… and
b) From … to
c) Either … or
d) Neither ... nor

37. Вставьте пропущенный предлог. They suggest you to have a look … their new model
a) at
b) for
c) through
d) on

38. Вставьте пропущенный предлог. Commercials are very expensive and not all companies can afford … them
a) for
b) ¬―
c) of
d) to

39. Подберите синоним к выделенному слову. Another way of advertising is distribution of GIFTS
a) price
b) costs
c) goods
d) presents

40. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие выделенному слову (из предлагаемых вариантов). You may ACQUIRE experience in doing business while working for somebody else
a) accumulate
b) earn
c) require
d) run through

41. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие выделенному слову (из предлагаемых вариантов). If a person is at the RETIREMENT AGE it means that …
a) he works somewhere
b) he has a vacation
c) he doesn’t work because of the age
d) he is laid off

42. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие выделенному слову (из предлагаемых вариантов). JOB-PLACEMENT - this is what employment agencies are busy doing
a) job-hunting
b) getting you a job
c) looking for a job
d) describing a job

43. Подберите наиболее точное соответствие ВЫДЕЛЕННОЙ фразе (из предлагаемых вариантов).If employees ARE LAID OFF «WHOLESALE» it means that …
a) they are fired in few number
b) they are fired in great number
c) they are not fired
d) half of them are fired
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